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We are a genuine organic cattle feed supplier


V.V. +

  • Increases milk production of animals.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Increases energy in animals.

V.V. All In One

  • Increases milk fat.
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases the fertility of animals.

V.V. Cal Gold

  • Helps In milk production by providing energy to the cow.
  • Gives strength to the animal.
  • Helps reduce stress in animals.

V.V. Fat

  • Helps in increasing the fat content of milk.
  • Effective in maintaining and increasing body weight.
  • Helps in digestion.
  • Provides the necessary energy to the animal.

V. V. Mashi No Nushko

  • Giving immediately after sowing helps in mating of cattle.
  • Milks the cattle.
  • Prevents body lice in animals from fever and diarrhea. (due to black cumin and fenugreek seeds)
About Us

Producing Authentic Cattle Feed with Genuine Urea-Free Ingredients for Optimal Growth

A well-known brand in the cattle feed industry. We at Vyara Vaibhav focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients to produce high-quality feed so that your animals perform to their full potential.

Our Customer
Years of success


Amit Kumar Patel and his co-owner, Rachna Amit Kumar Patel, are the driving force behind a cattle feed brand that aims to support farmers in increasing their profits. Based in Gujarat, India, Amit and Rachna come from a long line of cattle farmers with over 40 years of experience in the industry. They have turned their passion for farming into a business that provides high-quality, nutrient-rich cattle feed to farmers across the country. Exceeding more towards this goal by currently pursuing a diploma in agriculture science.
They strongly believe that “KISAN HAI TABHI TOH DESH HAI,” which translates to “if there are farmers, then there is a country.” This mantra reflects their deep commitment to supporting the agricultural community and empowering farmers to succeed. With their extensive knowledge and experience in cattle farming, Amit and Rachna are committed to providing farmers with the tools they need to succeed, while also promoting the long-term health and sustainability of the industry.


We are a genuine urea free cattle feed supplier

Quality Product

By providing nutrient-rich diets of high-quality pasture, additives, and supplements, we hope to improve animal health and productivity.

Committed to serve

Our company is committed to provide high-quality feed that meets livestock nutritional needs.

Nutritious and well-balanced

Our cattle feed is designed to give your herd a nutritious diet which includes rich in essential nutrients like protein, fibres necessary for development of cattle.

Ashish Jain

Vyara Vaibhav maintains their company’s professionalism and the high quality of products, which I found to be stronger and more effective than those of other leading brands.

Ashish Jain

Natasha Sharma

They were so easy to respond to our request and provide us with the product that suits the cattle perfectly. Safe to say I will be making all my future purchases from Vyara Vaibhav.

Natasha Sharma

Bhavya Mehra

I’ve been feeding my dairy cows this cattle feed for the past year, and I’ve noticed a clear difference in their milk production. The feed is of good quality. I would strongly suggest Vyara Vaibhav’s cattle feed.

Bhavya Mehra


Best at what we do

In the cattle feed industry, our brand is committed to sustainability. We recognise the environmental impact of livestock farming and are driven to enhance the sustainability of our products. To reduce methane emissions from cows, our company uses natural feed supplements. You can be confident that by choosing our brand, you are supporting a company that is committed to improving the sustainability of the cattle feed industry.

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